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We just love frozen yogurt!

N'ice Cream is fully devoted to making the best tasting products and bringing people together in joy. Creating the best taste and visual experience we can. We believe that you can grow a business as a community of people, with attention to detail and dedication to customer service. REALLY great N'ice Cream served perfectly with a smile brings people together and helps people connect. Feel the magic of the moment while you consume something that makes you happy. 

Our goal at N'ice Cream is to create more locations and branch out our business to bring this treat to the world. 

We manufacture smiles.


Omid Torkian is an entrrepreneur who is also a big foodie! He believes that food can bring together. He loves that he has a business where his employees have a great time working and are dedicated to providing the best product and service that we can.


"What makes me happy is that everyone leaves N'ice Cream with a smile, nothing makes me more excited than being able to bring a products to those that value a good treat."  

N'ice Cream is looking to expand products and services; we are using the new world tools such as Instagram, Facebook, and UberEats to create more of a community atmosphere and grow our business. 

Come and join us!

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